Applied Rhetoric

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This is my very first post for this site and I will use this post to tell readers why I started this blog and what is my plan to do with it.

I have been thinking about the process of thinking for over a decade, and discussing its basics with many young and bright young men and women. I teach English literature  in an Indian university and have discovered over time that rhetoric, i.e. transparent and powerful use of language that targets its audience and reaches them every time, .

The Socratic Method has always left me in awe and inspired. Spinoza’s Euclidean development of ideas and Descartes’s clear and coordinated reasons always give me pride akin to the kind one feels in the accomplishments of one’s family and friends. And then, there’s Kant out of his ‘dogmatic slumber’, Hegel with his dialectic, Nietzsche with his Zararthustra, Freud with his Oedipus and Wittgenstein with his language games. The list goes on, and it joins a parallel list: from literature. There we have Francis Bacon, William Shakespeare, John Milton, S T Coleridge, P B Shelley, Charles Dickens, Charles Baudelaire, W B Yeats and T S Eliot.


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